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Terms & Conditions

While we do our very best to securely wrap and ship our candles we understand that occasionally shipping mishaps occur. Should you receive product that was damaged during shipping PLEASE NOTE*** It is the customers responsibility to immediately contact us via email: (within 24 hours of receipt) to alert us of the incident.  We will need the following: (1) pictures of the box-both outside and inside (2) pictures of the entire candle orders. (3) clear focus of the candle (s) deemed damaged. (4) DO NOT DISCARD ANY OF THE BOX, PACKING, CANDLES, ETC... oftentimes UPS will want to pick the above mentioned items up for inspection.

If it is determined your order was damaged during shipping we will gladly replace the item (s) at no cost to our customer.
For concerns or inquires please contact Ms Sweetie @ 443 692 7779 Email: