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Fundraising with Candle Sweetie

Our Sweet aromatherapy candles are perfect for group fundraisers. Our candles are hand-poured and crafted right here in the USA, all contain lead-free wicks. Our decadent candles are proven to be successful and will surely satisfy your clients Sweet expectations!

5 Reasons to Fund raise with  Candle Sweetie Candles!

  1. Reach your goals faster with 45% -50% profit on total product sales
  2. Exclusive fragrance formulas  
  3. It's simple! Choose from three fragrant candle styles
  4. Candle Sweetie ships directly to the seller
  5. Support provided every step of the way

 Sell 100 candles @ $45.00 per unit (pies for example) Total Earning $4,500- Profit $2,025 (45% profit)

(100-499 units sold earns 45% profit)

Sell 500 candles @ $45.00 per unit (pies for example)

Total Earnings $22,500 - Profit $11,250 (50%profit)

(500-1000 units sold earns 50% profit)

Based on an average selling price of $45.00 per unit.