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                                      Join Candle Sweetie's Monthly Candle Club.  

Candle Sweetie is noted for its decadent dazzling look and the impact our aromatherapy candles have. As a reminder all of our candles are hand-crafted-poured using premium wax and fragrance oils equaling to clean burning- long-lasting aromas with maximum sensational effect.

Club Packs

Our convenient club packs are very affordable. Best of all, you’ll save time and save money on decadent candles through-out the year. Buy any of our club packs for 3 or 6 consecutive months, and you'll automatically receive a bonus reward pack 

in months 4 or 7 completely FREE!

How it works

Example: we'll begin monthly purchases in November, joining the 6 month club.

Make 6 consecutive club pack purchases be it the Fan Club, Devotee Club or Enthusiast Club for six months.

Purchase any club pack each month beginning November through April. Using this example May would be the 7th month.  We will automatically drop ship your earned membership bonus pack.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!!! The bonus box ships absolutely FREE straight to your door!

We're proud to offer these exceptional candles to our members month after month - available exclusively as selections of the Candle of the Month Club from Candle Sweetie Candles.

Build your candle collection gifts for birthdays, hostess or holiday gifts for family, friends, colleges and teachers. Yes teachers LOVE our candles too!


  In addition to an assortment of decadent of candles valued at $250.00 club members also receive the "candle of the month"  new bonus value upward to $300.

It's Our Sweet Way to Thank You For Being A Loyal Customer and Candle Club Member.

If you are wondering which club pack will offer you the best bonus pack? 

It doesn't matter which monthly club pack you opt to purchase for 3 or 6 consecutive months. The 7th month bonus reward pack value starts at $250.00!

We will exceed your sweet expectations with our club membership bonus pack of candles.


Automatically receive FREE candles just for being a Club Member with

Candle Sweetie Candles.

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