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We’ve loved every minute of our journey.

An extraordinary and dazzling wax connoisseur Mrs. Sweetie has always had a niche for the arts. Family and friends considered me to be the crafty one. My candle journey began making typical jar candles-bold colors and scented. In fact, an important element was color. As a member of an art club, vibrant colors always proved to be an eye catching sure fire hit!

An Idea Is Born

While working for a major chain in Franchise Development a client gifted me a blueberry candle pie. Oh my goodness- it was THE MOST FASCINATING THING I HAD EVER SEEN! Yet, I had no idea of the impact that blueberry pie would ultimately have on me. A "love affair blossomed". I kept that blueberry pie for about a year before lighting it. Needless to say, after burning it I wanted another one! Unfortunately, the client who gave me that pie passed away suddenly. The search was on. I wanted a candle pie for the approaching holidays! 

I searched the internet tirelessly but could not find a single person or company who made specialty candles. Finally, I stumbled upon a sweet senior woman in California. She initially explained that she had since retired and no longer made candles. Well, fortunately, after a lengthy conversation I was able to convince her to make me a candle pie for the holidays. Not only did she make me a pie, but she sensed a confidence in my voice and decided she would also send me the materials I would need in order to learn how to make a candle pie on my own.

That act of kindness unleashed an entire wax filled world of creativity and  "Endless Possibilities"!

Humbled and most grateful to have learned the art of candle making. Today, we offer a complete menu line of decadent dessert style candles. 

I've loved every minute of my journey, from beginning learning curves to blessings of growth.

From on the road, Craft Shows to The Maggie Linton Show on Sirius XM Radio. From Deal Here to Groupon to 

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In addition to our wicked bakery style candles, we're excited about our line of Bakery / Dessert Designer Cakes. 

Presenting lasting memories of scented replica Anniversary, Wedding, Baby Showers and Birthday Cakes to decadent Cakes of Fabulocity!  Savoring Sweet memories for years to come. 

Fund raise with Sweetness: Expect a sweet and flavor able experience when you elect to fund raise with Candle Sweetie  Candles. Candles can be uniquely designed to fit your organization's needs. The perfect product to meet your group's fundraising goals. 


Certified Candle Maker

Deeply inspired by my journey, I became A Certified Candle Instructor. Teaching the joys that the art of candle making brings to students of all ages.

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Ahhh Wax- "A World of Endless Possibilities"
Ms. Sweetie

Bakery Style Candles. Desserts have never been Sweeter!